XF 1.2 User Upgrade return link from Paypal


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After completing payment for a user upgrade, the return link back to my forum shows my Paypal email address rather than the site name, does anyone know where I can change this either in XenForo or Paypal?

For example, it currently shows:

Return to paypal@myforum.com

I'd like to change it to say:

Return to My Forum Name


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Apparently Paypal will use the business name if you have a business account, but for premier (as is this one) and maybe personal accounts it looks like it's using the email address.

There is an option to send a brand name with the transaction which might do the trick, any ideas where I could edit to add that?
BRANDNAME (Optional) A label that overrides the business name in the PayPal account on the PayPal hosted checkout pages.