user tutorials and help guides for my forum


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I am just writing a few tutorials (including screenshots) for the users on my Forum in order to help them on how to use the Forum.

So I am writing some guides like:
- how to regsiter at the Forum
- how to upload your avatar
- how to write a new Forum-thread
- how do I get in touch with another user using Private Conversations
- etc.

I am wondering if you guys have done this already for your forums and if you could provide a link to those. I want to have a look on the help-sections of your forums, as I might be missing some help-topics and also need to improve on my english-language wordings, etc.

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I've been working on the same thing only using SCREENR to produce screen videos. Screenr is a web based screen video capture program. You can upload them to Youtube or just link them from Screenr.
I've just experimented with that on my laptop - dead easy to use - thanks for the tip. (y)