One year anniversary for my forum!


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Today is the one year anniversary for my forum (

After exactly one year, my statistics look like this:
Discussions: 1,994
Messages: 25,030
Members: 1,403

I would say I am averaging about 4 members per day on a good day.

I'm making about $200-400 per month from Amazon affiliate linking (which I am happy about), and have yet to implement a single banner ad or anything (which I may get to once the forum grows more).

I'm getting the majority of traffic for free from Facebook, and I'm also running a very, very well honed in Google AdWords campaign that I've been getting phenomenal conversions from, as well as CTRs (I do a lot of Google AdWords stuff for a living, so I'm good at it).

Anyways, I'm not sure how my growth compares to others, but I'd love to hear how most of you guys are (or were) doing after your first year.


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We had around 450,000 posts after year 1, that was the initial explosion. Now sitting at 1.3 million after 4.5 years.


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Well, I guess to put it in perspective, my forum subject is a very targeted audience (and a much smaller audience) than yours. But yeah, that's impressive!