User question: how do I upload sharp images?


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Instead of Googling for an answer, I thought just to ask here: How can I upload an PNG image without loosing it's sharpness?

This image is crystal sharp in it's original form, but when I upload it here, it get's reduced in quality (because it seems to be enlarged visually?):

sharper small version.png

(I might be asking an obvious one :), but I guess I have forgotten the in and outs of it how it works with uploading images. I am trying to post a bugreport, but can't do that without using a sharp original image).

Edit :

sharp avatar smaller v3.png

When I view the above thumbnail image inside the lightbox it looks the same enlarged to me (on Chrome browser in Windows 10), but when I then download it via the lightbox and view it via Windows File Manager, it appears perfectly sharp in it's original appearance. So it seems the file gets uploaded perfectly, but only displayed in an enlarged form? Is this expected behavior or something I don't understand quite correctly?

Edit 2: I realized it maybe has to do with my browser zoom level and nothing at all with the forumsoftware :giggle:. When I put the browser zoom level to 80% (instead of 100%), the 2 above images appear crystal sharp in their original form when I view them. (But obviously they are then still enlarged compared to the content it was shot from). So, why do the PNG images appear enlarged when viewing them?
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Test: putting the browser zoom on 80% and THEN making a screenshot results in:

screenshot test 80 procent.png

.... so now it does work as expected. The screenshot is NOT enlarged when displayed. I am puzzled... it must be late (or me) since I can't grasp the logic at the moment.
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80% * 125% = 100%

I can only guess that there's a zoom setting outside of your browser (such as at the OS level) which is set to 125%.


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Thanks Mike, I assumed it was this (Windows scale setting) myself earlier, but my knowledge/understanding of the consequences of such a setting is not up to date :sleep:. Indeed... as you said the zoom setting is set to 125%.