XF 1.4 User promotion issue => Follow message moderation rules


Active member

I renamed "member" to "registered" and created a new group "member".
I made an user promotion and I checked everything and it works but I have to moderate all posts even for members who have more than 3 messages.

I don't know why cause the priority is set to 3 for registered members and to 4 for members.
I put the box Follow message moderation rules to NO for the registered group and I put the same option to YES for the group member.

Cron task ran 2 times to be sure and I purged the cache for User promotion.

Please check attached captures.
I think the problem comes cause the primary user group stays the registered one and not the member one but I put the priority to 4 for members and it still on 3 for the group registered...

What's wrong please?

Thanks for your help.