XF 1.5 User group promotion issue



I have set up a promotion, a very simple one, but it doesn't seem to be working.

The image attach shows both the settings on the promotion - and then the profile of someone who should be promoted, but isn't doing so.

It should be if they are valid, and if they are in the registered group, add them to the group "1 - red shirts".

However, as the image shows... they are not being added.

I've triggered the cron manually to do promotions, and some other promotions have run okay and this seems to have worked for a limited amount of people - but most people like the attached it hasn't run.

Any help appreciated.



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Could this be that they need to have signed in? I found the only people promoted are those that have signed in.

This is a development site, so the amount that have logged in is relatively small.
Sorry, solved it! I did do searching, but after more searching I have the answer.

The cron only upgrades people if they've been active within the last two hours.

If you want to retrospectively upgrade everyone, for example after a change, then you need to rebuild the promotions cache.

As an aside, I found the permissions system so confusing at first... but I think that's because XenForo does best job at importing vBulletin. But now I'm getting my head around it, I think it's somewhat easier to start again working with XF's strengths in permissions.
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