XF 1.5 User Promotion based on multiple group membership


I currently offer two user upgrades ("Silver" and "Gold"). Users who are already "Silver", want to to be able to incrementally upgrade to "Gold" for the difference in price between the two (not unreasonable).

Since the User Upgrade system doesn't seem to have a way to do that directly, I figure I would create an "incremental upgrade" that would place the user into a "pending promotion" group. Then, create a User Promotion that would promote users to the "Gold" group if they were a member of both the "Silver" AND the "Pending Promotion" groups.

The problem is, the verbiage on the User Promotion group criteria says "any" - which I take to mean that if a user is a member of either group, they'll get promoted, which isn't useful or what I want since it would allow them game the upgrade.

So, TL;DR: Is there a way to specify the qualifying criteria for a user promotion based on being a member (must be a member) of multiple groups?
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