User Option: PWA start URL


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When using the browser, users can just bookmark the page they want to load first (like What's New, New Posts, Latest Activity, News Feed, etc.) and always start a session by using this bookmark.

With PWA they can't, they are forced to always start with the configured (hard-coded as index route?) URL.

It would therefore be nice if users could configure the start URL for PWA.
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It's a fair suggestion. Just to note we do have a parameter in the start URL in the manifest that can be used to do something like redirect to the correct URL.

(You may be suggesting that we set the URL directly in the manifest for each user, but Google's recommendation is generally to not store user-specified identifiers in the manifest due to how they do things like manifest updates with WebAPKs.)
No, I am not suggesting to have a per-user manifest, just to have an option for users to configure which start URL they would like to have.

In our XF 2.1 PWA we've done this by having the same URL all users, but reroute on this route depending on the user option :)
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