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It's a common problem that discussions tend to get a bit 'heated', and it's very easy to unintentionally and unfairly make snap judgements of other users just because you've had a bad experience with them at some point in the past.

Yea, you can add users to your ignore list, but this is a blunt instrument, and it's not always easy to remember why you added someone to it after a few months have passed.

It may be naivety on my part, but I firmly believe that even the most unlikable person has something that deserves to be heard. And also, just because you dislike a person, doesn't necessarily mean other people do and so you should still consider their position.

On that basis, has there ever been any consideration to adding a user preference that allows you hide the names, avatars, and signatures of other forum members?

That way, you could only judge the content of each individual message based on its own merits, without being able to link it back to an individual (and your personal feelings towards them). It would prevent sniping and targeting of specific users in any discussion, eliminate people misjudging tone/intent based on personal feelings, and (I think) help to promote good discourse.

What do others think of such an option? Could it work as intended? Do you think there could be any unintended consequences I haven't considered?

I'd be keen to hear your thoughts on it...
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