Add a user option to pause (temporarily disable) all email & push notifications


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If a user is away for some time (like being on vacation for several weeks), it might be desired to not receive any (email) notifications during this time.

To achive this, the user currently would have to (at least)
  1. Opt-out from push notifications for every notification type
  2. Disable push notifications for new conversations
  3. Disable emails for new conversations
  4. Disable email notifications for every single watched item (Forum, Thread, etc.)
This is tedious and kinda disruptive as it can't be reversed easily (without noting down the previous state for each setting).

If it instead was possible to (temporarily) disable all notifications without changing any specific notification options, this would be much easier.
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This is a great idea! I'm thinking like Outlook has for 'out of office' and do not disturb options. It doesn't effect your settings, almost like a master over-ride.

if $push_on && $notonvacation { //send it }

Also, it should have a date range -- so that users won't forgot to turn it back on.
I agree, this is an excellent idea. You could couple it with an auto responder for personal conversations.
There is an addon that seems to respond to this suggestion but it's true that it would be quite nice if it were directly implemented in XF.
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