XF 1.2 User not getting promoted as expected

Stuart Wright

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So I have a promotion set up to add usergroup Member 2 to members when they are usergroup Member 1, have been registered 24 hours and have 3 positive post ratings.
This seems to be working but one member isn't getting promoted as he should.
He is in usergroup Member 1 (called 'registered' by default), registered last Monday and has 4 positive post ratings.
Where do I look to debug this please?



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Has the user been previously automatically promoted, and then the promotion manually reversed? IIRC once a record of the auto-promotion exists it is never (automatically) re-applied.


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As posted above, do a search for the member and promotion.

If it appears as Promotion Disabled, like this:

You need to click on the red X at the right hand side to enable the promotion.

Stuart Wright

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He has no promotion history. (Thanks for pointing me to that page - it's useful). I've asked about Tapatalk.
The inference is that Tapatalk doesn't process promotions. Do you know if that is the case?