XF 2.1 User Group Promotions not working


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I can’t get my user group promotions to work

New User promotes to Registered Member once they are members for 24 hours, have less then 5 warning points, are valid, and made 3 messages.

the way I have it setup is:

I created a test user, went into MYSQL changed his registration date, made 5 posts, set the account to Valid, and added him to New User, rebuild User Cache, and User Group Promotion Cache, and ran the User Group Promotion Cache. And the account was not added to Registered.

I have also removed requirements And tried each requirement individually to test if it would give the promotion, and nothing worked.

Sorry for typos and screenshots, I’ll update with Desktop Screenshots shortly.
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For a start, you should never manually modify the database.

Members are only automatically promoted if they have been active recently.

If running the 'Rebuild user group promotions' cache doesn't promote them, then they don't meet the criteria.