XF 1.4 User Group Promotions not working for me


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Currently running on 1.4.2, but not sure how long they haven't been working as I've only noticed today. Is there anything obvious I can check before logging a ticket? It could well be I'm doing something stupid of course ;)

The same issue shows with all add-ons disabled on my live site.

I have a series of user group promotions to control access to certain items via Custom User Field Criteria (by selecting from a drop down in their "Personal Details"). Been working fine since I originally set them up a year back.

If I change one of these and then run the cron job manually nothing is applied.

Running the Rebuild User Group Promotions applies the promotions as expected.

Any thoughts/comments appreciated!


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This is the normal behavior, the cron job will only promote users who have logged in recently, whereas the rebuild will do everything regardless.


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Ok thanks for that. I'll check again tomorrow.

I was using my test account which was logged in on a second browser while checking testing.

I noticed initially on a user who signed up on Friday, and was posting early this morning.
Hi all

I encounter a quite similar behavior but not so closed..
I describe it :
  • I create a promotion where a user is promoted to a secondary group called "groupB" when (the only criteria in the promotion) he associates his steam account (by using Steam Auth & Integration addon)
  • When the cron runs first time after this association, the user is promoted fine to the groupB
  • When the cron runs a second time, he is demoted from the groupB ... but
    • if he's active, he's not demoted
    • if he's demoted and active, he can be promoted ... or not
    • if he's promoted and inactive, he can be demoted ... or not
    • etc etc... totally random
  • If he logs in after this second run of the cron, he is promoted again to groupB, if not, he stays demoted until the next cron run when he is promoted again..
I use the addon "https://xenforo.com/community/resources/steam-authentication-integration.1336/" but by looking for with the author, it is not due to this addon. (Indeed, if I use the criteria in a notice, it works like a charm).

Is this behavior the normal one ?
Many thanks.

PS : if I use the rebuild cache promotion group, it works as well (all user are promoted). But they are demoted the next time cron runs.
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i also have two users that yoyo between usergroups a and b.
im not entirely sure what causes it, but i dont think it is related to that addon as i dont use it.


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Every time the cron runs it will promote or demote depending on whether the criteria is met or not.

The only time I have seen members being constantly promoted and demoted is when the criteria was set incorrectly.


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Specifically, the case where we've seen it is when the promotion adds group A but the criteria is set such that it requires the user not be a member of group A.


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As I have already stated, there is no Steam association nor Steam state in the core software so it's not something we can test.
I know, but if this behavior is not due only from using this addon, I prefer to keep this thread active.
If you check the images I quoted herebefore, you can see the promotion criteria.
Using the core criteria, I am unable to reproduce the problem.

I understand. But see the next screenshot :


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I wanted to chime in. I'm the developer of the addon @csgofrance is referring to. I cannot replicate his issue on my development board with the addon installed either.

Here's a link to the post with my findings:
Steam Authentication & Integration

My test user has never been affected ever since the promotion was applied back on September 27th, also confirmed it in the User Change Logs section.

I am running XenForo 1.4.1 on my test board, but I'll update it now and see if it makes a difference.

EDIT: As expected, still is functional. Even deleted the user and re-registered with steam. Promotion applies once and sticks no matter if I run the cron or rebuild cache.
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So, can be due to an issue on my database ? another addon which is conflicting with XF system ? (I don't have any addon dealing with promotion)
I tried to rebuild XF, rebuild addons, ...