User gallery + user shops?

I searched around but couldn't find a 100% answer to this. Can Xenforo have user galleries with the ability for users to sell their images? Also a more customization profile page, maybe with a blog section and comments for each user?
I'm setting up a photography group site and users need to have their own gallery with the ability to sell their prints. (sort of like DeviantArt but on a much smaller scale)
IPB can do this, but I've used Xenforo in the past and would rather use it if I can.

Chris D

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XenForo is equivalent to IP.Board. XenForo doesn't yet have a suite of products like IP.Gallery and IP.Nexus which are presumably the modules you've seen with IPB that can do this.

The most equivalent set up I can think of would require two add-ons.

There are a couple of Gallery products which may suit your needs (one of them is in my signature) and XenForo themselves make a product called the Resource Manager.

You can see the Resource Manager in action right here:

Primarily it is used here by the members of XenForo to provide downloads to free add-ons, and a way of providing paid add-ons. The latter may not be as complete as you hope... Resource Manager can display a paid product and the price of a paid product, but the Resource Manager doesn't actually process any payments.

Typically what you would do is use a third party payment service, either a direct link to PayPal or using a third party service (Fetch App is popular here) which can process the payment and automatically deliver the product.

So that set up might work for you. I would recommend spending time researching the gallery products available and also looking into the features of the Resource Manager to see if you can make that work. I think the Resource Manager is available in the XenForo demo system:


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Scott I am not so sure either really meets the needs for your site out of the box. As chris points out the gallery option are 3rd party (I personally use his product XMG) and the resource manager doesn't process payments out of the box. But even on on IP.B I believe you would really want a 3rd party add on custom developed to make the gallery connect to the sales end.

I used to be active on DPChallenge which introduced a print sales service years ago. In house printing versus seller printing doesn't make a huge difference on the concept. But when a user uploaded a full resolution file for the sales end it was added to their regular album and out of the box neither is going to do that. Like we had there I would want a full connection between both systems. When something in a users gallery is available as a print, you want that showing in the gallery linking to the sale page.

I think any where you go your going to want custom development. Its likely using an existing gallery plugin is a good option. But a seamless experience end to end is likely important to the buyer and seller as well as the overall success of the site. If its simple and there people will want to use it.