XF 1.1 User Access Approval


I am just starting up my internal Xenforo forum for my company. The intent is for only company employees to have access to the forum, but as it stands, any person can go to the web page, sign-up for an account and gain access after clicking their email confirmation. I would like to be able to filter/approve all users after they confirm through their email. This will help ensure only company employees are gaining access.

I have tinkered with the settings, but cannot figure out how to make this workflow functional. Any helps would be appreciated !


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Options -> User Registration -> [x] Enable Manual Approval

You'll then need to approve any and all users through the ACP (Users -> Users Awaiting Approval).
I have a number of users signing up, but that section says "No Users Awaiting Approval" - When i view the permissions for individual users through the List All Users section, it shows them as "registered" but their permissions do not match the Group Permission settings i have created for Registered Users.


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Have you checked the option I listed in my previous post? Did these registrations occur before or after setting that option (should be checked)?

Also, how are you testing what permissions they have?