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XF 1.5 $url variable in navigation template


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is there any way i can use the $url variable in the navigation template? Please don't tell me i need custom development for that.

Would be cool if there's a way i could use it in that template! :)

Thanks a lot in advance



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I would like to add two buttons to my navbar

One (only if i'm in thread_view) for an answer button and one button to share this page (but if i'm on page 2 of a thread the $url variable still contains just the thread url without the page parameter). That's where i need the $url


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{xen:link 'route', 'anyadditionaldata'}

{xen:link 'thread', $thread.thread_id}

(format may be slightly wrong, been a while since I used xen:link in templates)


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$thread isn't available in the navbar template! Already tried that! ;)
Ah, missed the part where you mentioned what template. Could use an add-on to add to the view params and combine it with an if statement. I'd imagine there's an easier solution though, combination of an if statement and the URL route.