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  1. CyberAP

    Pass a variable to <xen:require css="" />?

    It is possible to pass a variable into <xen:require css="" /> statement? For example in CSS template I have something like this: .selector { width: {$myVar}px; } In container template I would like to have something like this: <xen:require css="my.css"><xen:set var="$myVar" value="50"...
  2. Crazy-Achmet

    XF 1.5 $url variable in navigation template

    Hey, is there any way i can use the $url variable in the navigation template? Please don't tell me i need custom development for that. Would be cool if there's a way i could use it in that template! :) Thanks a lot in advance Florian
  3. C

    How to insert POST data into MySQL via Form through Xenforo with SQL Injection Prevention

    Hey Everyone, I'm new to Xenforo after moving away from phpBB and love it! However, I am just transferring over my customized pages across and struggling to find an answer to this question. I have searched everywhere high and low for an example but to no avail cant find a solution which I hope...