Lack of interest URL redirects for help pages

John L.

Well-known member
Can you add an option to help pages called "URL Redirect"? Let's say I wanted to create a new help page but I simply wanted it to redirect to an actual thread or even a form (in my case). Maybe a "Submit Ticket" link would be a good example of such. Any thoughts on that?

Chris D

XenForo developer
Staff member
Had to test it:


If you're a bit shy about using PHP, you could create a dummy custom help page, and configure a route filter as above.

That works fine.

John L.

Well-known member
Ah I see. I didn't think of using the Route filters. I just thought it might be easier to just make a field under URL name with simply "Redirect Help Page" and you can put in any page you want it to go to.