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XF 1.4 Uploading avatar shows broken photo


When I upload an avatar on my site, I get this:

Here are the things I have already done to try to troubleshoot the problem:
  • Checked user permissions
  • Made sure data and internal_data had CHMOD 0777
  • Cleared my browser cache & Cloudflare cache
  • Disabled all add-ons in a systematic manner to see if any of them were causing the problem.
  • Tried using different browser
  • Tried uploading on the default style.
Has anybody had similar problems? I am thinking it must be a php configuration or something :/
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Does it happen for everyone?

I just checked your site and the image is 404, so it presumably wasn't uploaded correctly, although the system thinks it was.

Are you sure you set the permissions to 0777 recursively, in all sub directories also?