Uploading Avatar isnt working for me.


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Hello, I have a website ( http://skruble.in )

And I cant seem to upload an avatar for my profile, nor can my members.
I choose a file (OK) and It uploads, I click Okay and nothing happens.
It's just stuck there, and I dont know where I can find my logs either.

Also, I've already given permission to all of my folders, so I dont know whats wrong with this.


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Due to your custom style possibly... ?

Your avatars are being called from http://skruble.in/styles/flexiledark/xenforo/avatars/ due to your custom style
but I am betting you are uploading them to http://skruble.in/styles/default/xenforo/avatars/

Browse your site with your FTP client and see where they are going. Then look in your server log (in the admincp) and see if there are any errors being registered. Also, try viewing your site with the default style - see if they are appearing there. If so, you have a style issue...incorrect setting. Possibly a permissions issue, otherwise.


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Do you know how to use an FTP client like Filezilla? If not, you are going to have to take a leap of faith and let one of us have temporary access to FTP to help you.


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Problem= Free Hosting, Free Cloudfare, Free everything....

Numerous errors in log, sql timeouts max connections, etc. Obviously overloaded shared server.

Note to noobs: If it's free, it probably isn't all that good. You really do have to pay for quality hosting. They make these packages free so you will invest your time and trouble into setting everything up and then find out you have to upgrade to get things to work right. By then, you have so much time invested you would rather upgrade to a charge package than to take your business elsewhere. If it's free, run away fassst!

Anyway, we are getting things setup on another host with a minimal shared hosting plan.