Duplicate  Email notifications of replies to posts not working for me


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I have specifically opted in to being notified of replies to a number of threads/posts, using the opt-in check boxes under the editor when posting. I've also used the 'Watch thread' link at the top of threads a couple times, but I haven't recieved any email notifications, ever. It's not a case of checking my junk mail; I do check that frequently, and nothing is there. Plus, I've added XF to my whitelist anyway.

A couple things I've noticed regarding this issue:
In my account settings, under 'Watched Threads', when I click 'Show all watched threads', I see check boxes labeled 'Email'. Since these boxes appear to be used for the options in the drop-down below the list, I'm assuming the threads that have already been selected for notifications should be auto-ticked? I could be wrong about that part, but whatever the case, I'm not getting the emails. :(


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Before I tag this as a dupe, are you getting the alerts from any watched threads? If you get an alert but not an email, then there's gotta be some reason you haven't received it as it has been sent. If you don't get an alert either, then it'd be the same as the other bug.