XF 1.2 Upload to Conversations broken since 1.2


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Since the upgrade to 1.2.1 no one is able to upload anything to conversations anymore. Flash-uploader gives a generic error, the basic a permission warning. Uploads to Conv. are enabled in usergroup settings (same settings as in 1.1.5). No issue on threads. Disabling all addons for testing doesn't change anything. Anyone an idea what might goes wrong here? Nothing in logs.

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yes, all on 777 as they where on previous XF1.5 (and it works fine for threads, just Conversations are affected).
Just checked a backup from before the update and here it works as expected.


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It's late, can't catch everything. :ROFLMAO:

Besides permissions and directory permissions, I'm not thinking of anything else besides add-ons. Have you made any code modifications?


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If not, if you submit a ticket with a account (that can upload in a conversation) and FTP details, I can debug it.