XF 2.0 Upgraded and my permissions changed!

logged in as admin and no control of forums on front end...(no permission) was working before upgrade, to me it seems the inherit is not working...

Chris D

XenForo developer
Staff member
Upgrading would not cause this, though it could be that a cache didn't get rebuilt as expected.

You might find that going to Admin > Groups & permissions > User permissions > [Your username] and just clicking "Save" might bring things back to how they were.

If not, then you would need to use Admin > Groups & permissions > Analyze permissions to see what permissions are being applied to you.
I upgraded last week not sure it was a caching issue. For some reason I had to set all forum and category permissions to allow because inherit didn't work. Not sure if this is how permissions work. I will have to go over the help files again...

Used analyze all good for some reason permissions not inheriting and have to set all to yes for each group.