XF 1.3 Upgrade issues and add on uninstall causing Admincp to vamish?

I was upgrading to Xf 1.3 this morning and encountered a server error when I tried to complete the install. I started reading and I was thinking it was due to the smiley manager addon I had installed.

I went and reinstalled the 1.2.5 version I was previously running. I went and logged into the admincp and went to uninstall the smiley manager addon.

The system froze during processing and I closed the window out and tried reopening my admincp/

This is what I am now getting now when I try and access my control panel.


I went in and tried manually deleting all the millano (smiley manager) files in my webhost cp and it is still the same. I have no control panel now. :(

The website is still up and running fine but I have no way of entering the Admincp.

Any ideas how the heck I can get my control panel back?
Yea, all that I get is a blank page. It is as if there is no admincp at all..

I tried doing both of your suggestions, together and individually, and it still doesn't show the errors. I am running apache if that helps,...


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Have you actually completed the upgrade?
Edit: Yes you have, it's showing as 1.3.0.

There's no need to re-upload the files unless you suspect a problem with (some of) them.
I'm completely lost here. I reupped the smiley manager files and I am still without a control panel so I can't uninstall it from the system or do anything. Wit With 1.3 installed my boards are not working so I keep having to go back to 1.2.5 to even have the site running.

The directions at the link you posted say to uninstall the smiley manager. That was what I was doing when the processing screen froze and when I went back to reload the page the admincp was gone...
I just called the webhost because they are supposed to take back ups once an hour for my account but apparently they don't have a backup. I didn't take one since I have never taken one before to upgrade and haven't had any problems.

I am on hold with them now but I might be screwed in the backup department.

Edit: They did not take a backup. :( I guess my account passed the size limit so they stopped taking them and never told me. I don't even have one from 6 months ago.

Is there any way to fix this without a back up ?

I have no idea what I am doing here. I would be willing to pay someone to help me with this issue.

My hands are pretty much tied since I have no idea what I am doing here...
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Before you do anything else, I suggest taking a full back up of the server files and database.
Then we can look at trying to recover from the current situation.
Hey Brogan. Thanks for the reply. I finally got it situated. It just took some reading and fiddling on my part.

I am not going to be relying on the webhost for my backups ever again. That was the biggest issue here even though I finally managed to fix the issue without a backup it would have been 200% easier if I had just had one to start over with.

Thanks for leading me in the correct direction and bailing my butt out again Brogan! YOU'RE THE MAN BRO!