XF 1.5 upgrade from 1.2.3 failures

I have extensively searched for all information in this matter, but there is a weird hang on the system.
First the site said No upgrade available, which after looking i found this post:
which I preformed the manual update that is listed. After it completes the information on the server shows this:
Current version: 1050270
Upgrade target: 1050270 (1.5.2)
However the site shows this:
Upgrade System
Click the button below to begin the upgrade to 1.2.3

Any thoughts to resolving the upgrade?
Thank you Brogan.
The issue was not the update rather a odd Schema for the Zpanel Hosting system.
For those that need to know the issue resided with the zpanel and other panel systems that shadow the sites with an rsync process to back up the server.

Please ensure that the server hosts do not use this as a caching option, as this is used as a protection scheme for forum and Hosted websites for hack prevention.