XF 1.5 Upgrade from 1.5 to 2.2 on a local server

Nicolas FR

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For my personal culture I would like to upgrade from an XF 1.5 forum to XF 2.2.
I will install XF 1.5 locally. But what I would like is to upgrade via CLI. Is it possible to do this on demand or is it only the number of messages (1m I believe) that triggers the CLI upgrade?
If so how could I artificially increase the number of messages so far? (no, I'm not going to write them myself!!)

Thanks !
You can use CLI to upgrade if you wish - it isn't limited to larger sites.

cd /path/to/xf/root

php cmd.php xf:upgrade --verbose
The importers are for importing content from one installation/database to another existing installation.

The database is not transferred - the content in the source database is read by the import script, then the destination database is written to.
The destination database is not overwritten - the new content is added.
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