XF 2.0 Upgrade delete all entrys?


Ich versuche auf Testserver, um von 1.514 auf 2.0 Beta 1 zu aktualisieren
Installations-System sagt "Ich lösche alle Datenbankeinträge" Ich kann nur JA wählen :verwirrt:

Chris D

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We can help, but please make subsequent posts in English.
I am trying on test server to upgrade from 1.514 to 2.0 beta 1
Installation system says "I delete all database entries" I can only choose YES: confused:
You shouldn't be making it to the installation page, it should take you to the upgrade system.

Did you remove any files before uploading the XF 2.0 files? Specifically, did you remove anything from the existing library directory? Did you remove any files from internal_data or is this directory missing? If the directory is there, do you have an install-lock.php file?