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Summary: focus your content on Xenforo; be civil; don't diss the competition; reduce the off-topic banter.

Seems fair to me. (y)
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Question about rule #15

How will that be applied?

I know individuals who use what is known as a shared VPN (virtual private network) and as such, their IP addresses from time to time may overlap.

A good example of this is a corporation (business) or governing body.
I'm sure staff won't base their conclusions on whether or not accounts are duplicates purely based on IP address alone. There are many examples where the IP address will be the same, for instance mine and my other half's (though she doesn't frequent here very often) will often be the same as we visit/post from home.

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Using common sense.

Each case will be dealt with separately, taking into account how the various accounts are being used.
History has taught me that "common sense" is often dependent on perception and not fact. As such as I am always a little "cautious" when someone says things will be done based upon "common sense".

However, thus far @Kier @Ashley and @Mike have not done anything "worrying" (to my knowledge) and so I'll accept their common sense. :)


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Content and Service have been capitalised since the phrase text was changed for 1.1.2.

Out of curiosity, how come? They're not names and proper nouns, so they shouldn't be capitalized, haha!

Also, I never read the other ones, as I know how to behave on a forum. However, I read the new ones. :)

Adam Howard

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You don't have much of a choice - since it's their site ... ;)
There is always "a choice" in life

That does not guarantee to imply that the choice or choices will be preferred, desired, safe, moral, ethical, legal, or other.

But that's completely off topic.


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If we want to be honest for a second, less than 1% of the vistors really read forum rules (or any rules/agreements).

That's almost certainly true but in reality rules are not so much for the visitors but for the owners to invoke when undesirable behaviour occurs. Most people usually know that providing they are civil they are unlikely to break any rules.


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I'm very happy to see these rules put down and hopefully enforced. Thank you for making the effort to make this a more useful, friendly and otherwise desirable place for your customers.


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I like these rules!

Will the good folks at Xenforo let us knock them off for our own forums? For free, of course....;)
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