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Unresponsive When Posting

We have noticed at times while posting and hitting the create thread option that the thread create will become Unresponsive. You will see the indication as normal at the top right that it seems to be saving but nothing more will happen. The member will then hit the create thread again thus causing a double post.

Also something that will happen from time to time and I have had it here a few moments ago. When uploading an image you select either full image or thumbnail and it does nothing. The only way around this is to delete the upload save the thread and edit it uploading the image again.

Chris D

XenForo developer
Staff member
If it's happening at multiple places, and to my knowledge this isn't a widespread issue, could it be your internet connection or your browser?

Do you have any software installed that might block or restrict adverts or scripts?
At first I was convinced it was my internet so I never worried about it but it has come to light that some of the other members and staff are having the same issue. They are scattered across the world but they all thought it was just them having this issue and never reported it. It was only until a member reported it and then it all came out.

I do have software that blocks adverts but I don't have adverts on my site that I would see. Also I don't think they have any adverts here at all that I know about. As you can see I had it here when replying to your post earlier on. The image upload issue I had in this thread XenFacil Birthday Greetings

Chris D

XenForo developer
Staff member
It might be worth checking to see if your members have ad blockers or script blockers too.

The reason it is relevant is ad blockers don't really have any concept of what an ad is. It simply uses various detection methods to block the scripts that provide the ads. There's not much to prevent it from mistakenly blocking perfectly normal, non ad related scripts.

Does the ad blocker have any logs? If not, although there is no ads here or at your site, white list the sites in your ad blocker anyway.

Finally if it happens again, check your browsers developer console.

Often JS errors will log something in there.