XF 1.3 Universal Log in - Wordpress, Amember, XenForo

Big Dan

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Hi Guys,

I have a client who is integrating Amember with Wordpress. He'd like to convert from vBulletin 4 to XF within the next couple of months. He has asked me to figure out a way to do universal sign on for the WP install and Xenforo.

So far all the XF > WP bridges I've read about use XF for authentication this is a problem because Amember will be used on WP to restrict access to certain areas based on membership. Amember does have an XenForo integration module but we loose the ability to restrict certain areas of WP. It doesn't appear you can run to integration modules at once with Amember.

My idea is to do the WP > Amember integration. Keep XF separate for now and hire a developer down the road to use WP auth with XenForo that will be costly but possibly worth it. Do you guys have any ideas?