XF 1.1 Amember Xenforo Integration


I am using Amember Xenforo Integration. I have setup in the Amember Plugin that all registered users at Amember would be registered at Xenforo too with the Usergroup of "Registered".

It all worked fine till few days back. But now, I don't seem to understand why is the new registered users at Amember are getting registered at Xenforo with the Usergroup of "Administrative".

Moreover, When I open the user profile through Xenforo admin.php, Every new users are listed as "Administrative" on the backend, but on the frontend the User is displayed as Guest. If I save the user profile again without doing any changes, his profile changes on the frontend too from Guest to Administartor.

Why is this thing happening ? and What should I do so that the user gets registered at Xenforo with the "Registered" group and not with the "Administrative" Group through the plugin.

Jake Bunce

XenForo moderator
Staff member
Obviously your external registration system is not inserting new users correctly. Editing / saving the user inside of XF rebuilds the user cache.

Ideally you should consult with the author of your Amember integration.