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Brogan submitted a new resource:

Ultimate RemoveOn - Now you see it...

Forums are so full of clutter, aren't they?

Useless nodes where members can post, links on the navigation bar which allow you to load pointless pages such as the news feed, new posts, etc. Even those pesky editor buttons which enable members to make their posts stand out.

Forums have been the same for years.
And y b like everyone else?

Well no longer!

This handy tip will allow you to remove all of that useless content.

Simply add this to EXTRA.css for a Xen-like experience (see what I did there?):
    display: none !important;

See the following screenshots for how much cleaner and sleeker everything looks:

Forum List

Forum View


Thread View

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Superb! It's given my test site a lovely clean look to it!

If I wasn't already treating my members to a psychedelic colourfest this morning, I'd be tempted to let them try this. :D


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I have actually decided to remove this resource due to a few niggling bugs.

Have no fear though, it will return bigger and better.

The next version will actually reduce query count to 0 on every page.
Yes, zero!

Here’s a sneak peek:
 rm -rf…