RM 1.0 Uh Oh - Something Went Wrong for RM On My Site


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Using the [bd] Widget Framework, I cleared the sidebar (Clear Sidebar -> Position forum_list). This is great for the front page so that a forum listing is displayed 100% width. However, the Resource Manager now looks like poop after taking diuretics.


Does anyone have any suggestions?

Updated: I changed the Clear Sidebar to position forum_list, resource_view and that puts the resource to full screen. Of course, this eliminates the sidebar ... which is not my intention but adding a sidebar screws up the page.
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hi lph,
I tried your resource and it worked. But how can I achieved that the user will be directed back to the previous page in Wordpress after he input his username and password? The log in is directed to Xenforo. And when the user is already logged in, the input boxes username and password are showing up, how to make it invisible and be visible when the user is log out?
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I see a few things that you need to do site wide to improve preservation of what I think is your intended look (and I believe will make changing up stuff for the RM unnecessary ), the amount of changes needed makes just posting them a pain in the butt because I can't test them on my end without access to your EXTRA.css due to the nature of the changes.

If you make a duplicate of your style on your site and give me ACP access I can put down the basics for you which should fix quite a few things.

I will have a couple of free hours today in between some stuff I am doing if you are interested.

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