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[Tutorial] Modding the Resource Manager to an Article Manager


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Luxus submitted a new resource:

Tutorial: Modding the Resource Manager to an Article Manager (version 1.0) - A step-by-step guide on how to mod the resource manager to an article manager

Please note that this guide is no replacement for a proper add-on and should only be used if you know what you're doing. (Can we please remove the italics from quotes, thank you.)

The Resource Manager aims to provide you with all sorts of resources, including news/articles. If you are sure you only want to use the RM for articles, you can mod the resource manager to an article manager. You have to strip out unneeded features and...

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Luxus that looks really good.
My version is quite a lot different and like you I am going to offer it in as 'transparent' a way as possible. That is with notes and lists so people can see what they want.
Between the two - and there may well be others as well coming along - there will be a good range of options for people to select what they want to do.

We should have worked together more so as not to duplicate the boring bits - I'm still plodding through phrases!

Luxus won the race though! :)


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Luxus are you keeping the tabs on the Categories list page? I wasn't sure about that.
Category tabs.jpg

Latest Updates - yes.
Newest - I dont see much difference. On the RM here on XF those two are pretty much the same.
Popular - maybe
Most Downloaded - definitely not unless for a mixed RM which yours is not.


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Shout! I just realized that TinyMCE has removed all indentations from the code :( . This will make the code ugly and one template edit isn't going to work without the needed indentation. I will fix it later. If you see that your edits are not applied, try copy the code directly from the original template preview field of TMS.

Luxus are you keeping the tabs on the Categories list page?
No, tabs are completly removed. Unless I have missed something of course :)


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1. Renaming the resources route

Obviously you want to rename the resource route to a phrase better fitting for articles. Download Jake's Route Changer and change the resources route to articles.

Didn't work :(

Jeff Fuqua

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Your tutorials are excellent. Thanks for doing them.

Would this work in converting RM to a classifieds area?