Lack of interest Add option when searching the resource manager to 'Display results as threads'


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When searching the forum or normal forum threads there is an option to 'Display results as threads'


When searching for resources, this is missing:


This means if I'm searching for a resource via a keyword, for example 'Pushover' I'll end up with 8 results in the current system.

However of those 8 results, many are from the same resource and there's really only 3 resources/threads.

The current system works well if you want every single instance of the keyword returned, but if you're looking just for a particular resource you could potentially end up with a large number of duplicate search results to trawl through, when you really just want a list of all the different resources that contain that keyword.

It's not a big deal with 3 resources producing 8 results. But scale that up for large sites or popular keywords and you could end up with dozens, hundreds or thousands of irrelevant search results to trawl through depending on what the purpose of your search is.

My suggestion is to add a 'Display results as threads' or 'Display results as resources' option for when you don't want duplicate thread results, enabling more productive searching.