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XF 1.3 ElasticSearch "Display results as threads" yields no results


Active member
I'm trying to figure out why when I search using the "Display results as threads" option, there are zero results returned. I am using the latest version of XF and the ES plugin and ES v1.1.0.
This issue affects Tapatalk BYO functionality as Tapatalk uses the "display results as threads" option to return results for its search and 'participated' features.


XenForo moderator
Staff member
If you are searching from within the Tapatalk app then you will need to direct your questions to the Tapatalk developers.

This forum uses ES and "Display results as threads" works fine.


Active member
I am searching from my browser using only XF and ES. It does not return any results. I only mentioned Tapatalk because it relies on this feature to return results.

Edit: I mistakenly did not mention that I am speaking about my personal XF and ES install. Not the XF community forums.


XenForo developer
Staff member
I feel like I saw this once before, but I don't recall the cause (I may be getting confused with other issues as well).

What version of the add-on are you running and what version of elasticsearch are you running?