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I am getting a couple dozen email bounced to my email account because of the people who have selected to have alerts sent to them via email - and their email won't accept 'em.

Can I turn off this option ?
E-mails are sent FROM a particular address which is specified in Admin CP > Email Options. It's probably not a great idea to have this address set as your own as I'm sure you're realising.

Set up a new e-mail address, such as administrator@yoursite.com or bounce@yoursite.com or noreply@yoursite.com. That way you won't get pestered all the time, but you will have a searchable record of any contact if necessary and you can keep an eye on it for real e-mails coming through.
Another option that was brought to my attention a while back, is you can take those accounts that are bouncing and stick them in "awaiting e-mail confirmation" group to stop them from being sent to those members. When those members come back, they should realize that they have to update to a functioning e-mail address to continue participation.

This may or may not work for you depending on your own site needs.
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