Turn off emails option

I agree. An option for the admin to stop all email notifications being sent to a user, and an option for the user to disable all email notifications from being sent to them.
As an admin, you can manually disable emails for a specific user. Just go to a user in ACP and under Preferences see this:

Screenshot 2021-12-08 at 9.45.21.png

As batch update, you can only disable activity summary notifications for more users at once.
Almost every week blocking my ip from hotmail cause of sending existing watcher, Is there any way to disable all members? my admin inbox full of returned undelivered mails :)
@Brogan would you be so kind to change title of this thread to "Turn off emails per user".

Eh.. I voted on this thread while searching for an option to disable email notifications altogether.

There are better methods, especially for huge forums, from push notifications to various real-time chat notifications.
Many users don't check emails anymore, and they also don't want to use them during sign-ups.
Receiving complaints from Yahoo that some users are marking emails from our forum as spam.

Since there is no option to disable sending emails to particular user, don't know how to solve this :(
I feel like most people won't recognize the need for this until they start getting bunch of users blocking their IP from their email provider and start wondering why their IP's end up as spam email.

Also have to clarify guys that we need the global disable option that will affect ALL users including OLD users who have it set to enabled.
We also have to make sure there are options to toggle this global disable feature PER EMAIL TYPE as some websites use email verification on registration but don't want the other email options enabled.

Currently owners have to disable the default settings when people register and mysql batch update the old users. Then we have to edit all the templates that has email toggle checkboxes and remove those. 😥

$config['enableMail'] = true;
For config.cfg
Is also a thing it seems but it breaks email validation on registration.
Yes I would vote for this!
The default needs to be that all new members get no emails.
And then they can turn them on if they wish or watch various threads.
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