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Mr Shap

We are having a similar issue, in that some add ons seem to have their own email functions that are in the scope of this issue and send notifications to banned members (which makes for some amusing support email exchanges). Additionally, watched threads emailing people by default has resulted in more than a few complaints.

I know this is a feature request thread, but we are wondering if anyone knows of an add on that might address this, and just allow members to have a no-matter-what kill switch to turn off all site emails?

Ideally this would

- Kill any email from all areas of the site for any member with the setting enabled, and would override the more granular system choice.

- Have an option to admin-define which groups would never receive a site email (ie: banned members, or members who are in an account removal queue).

- Include emails from the email broadcast tool.
$config['enableMail'] = true;

It says:


Completely disables all email-sending features throughout XenForo. No email will be sent at all, ever.

But I don't know what is going on if you have Approval registration enabled, that's the question for developers..
Yeah, like I thought..

I have a problem right now, because I want to find the option for disabling email notifications and alerts, but we have an approval system running..
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