TUBE feature

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Fact: Videos are more popular than Blogs.
Fact: Videos increase traffic and invite conversations.
Fact: If XenForo will add a video tagging system it will help lead the forum software market. :)

Brent W

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How is that going to explode your traffic. Your posts are so vague. If you want a feature implemented you will have to go into much more detail.

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You're banned bro :)

Basically you don't try to reinvent the wheel ... you take the wheel and use it ...

Vague ? ... the YouTube implemenation of displaying videos allowed it to become the number 3+- site in the world ...

... the tagging leads to more engagement ... leads to more conversations ... leads to more successful forums.

Brent W

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Are you suggesting they use youtubes api to display more videos that link to youtube? If so, I don't understand how that helps out. The youtube video you embed already shows other related videos after you get done viewing it to begin with.


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I'm not really sure how a video tagging system fits into a forum to be honest. YouTube already does a very good job of it.