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XF 2.0 Trouble with SEO

I am facing issue for SEO


it is accepting sitemap and indexing it

description of my site is picked up from a wall post made by someone a long back.


Not indexing my sitemap, i resubmitted it many times after 2 3 days

it showing me some crawler error with some pages redirect to 404, there are some pages which do not exist at all but showing in sitemap or in crawler

they did not index even a single page.

i am using xF2 beta 2.

Can anyone help me on this.

My site is now showing on search engine.

Google not yet processed sitemap.

I can see my site, its pages on search engine.

It was not showimg before may be because my site was new
Google started indexing my pages now, robot txt really helps.

When i search my site i only able to see members, tags to threads at top and not threads.

Is it by design or i need to do something else in console