Tropy Content & Achievements Criteria?


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When editing/creating a trophy and using a criteria in the Content & Achieve, does selecting multiple items work as a "and" or as a "or" criteria selection?:unsure:
It's "or" :)
You sure? I'm pretty sure it's AND. For example, has a trophy for having X messages and X likes (I'm assuming they didn't do anything custom for that). I also did a mini test on that a long time ago and I wasn't able to get the trophy without satisfying both requirements. I don't remember if I disabled all addons when testing though.
I am doubting myself now, will have to double check the code... but I'm pretty sure. has a trophy for achieving 10,000 likes and 5,000 posts. That's done by the likes > posts ratio criteria (e.g. a single criteria).
Not sure if they would use a ratio for that because technically someone who only has 10 likes and 5 posts would also obtain the same trophy, I think... I just did a quick test, and yea I wasn't able to get a trophy unless I satisfied all requirements. It would also not be too useful IMO if it was OR instead of AND.
Thanks for the update, guys, I'll change my plans accordingly. :)

It would also not be to useful IMO if it was OR instead of AND.
While IMO it'd be useful to be able to select the operand for the criteria selections so that one trophy could be reused instead of creating multiple entries for the same achievement.
just don't want to start a new thread, so I'm asking here:
Is it possible to create a trophy: "You've done something very helpfull!" -> 200 Likes for 1 Post
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