XF 2.0 Trophy based permissions

I'm sorry if this is a newbie question, I'm trying to Google for the answer. I have a couple of forum nodes that I want to restrict to where new members can see them and the thread titles but not the thread content. I found that permission but I'm trying to tie it to Trophy points or user title.

So basically set so a new member can see the Forum and the thread titles but they need 15 trophy points before viewing the content. Is that possible with the trophy points and permissions.

Chris D

XenForo developer
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You would create a user group promotion which promotes to a new user group when the user reaches 15 trophy points and then give users in that user group the extra permissions to view the threads and reply etc.
If I have Banner stacking enabled, what setting in the user group can I use to disable the banner from displaying. Basically make it a non visible group
Is there a way to manually run the promotion for existing users?

Edit: nevermind, it ran automatically when I dropped the requirement to something that was attainable lol
Since I made the last post I've had 3 members surpass the trophy requirement for the promotion but it's not upgrading them. How frequently does it run