XF 1.2 Trophies being awarded only to five or six members


I created a trophy on my forum and ran it using the Tools > Cron Entries > Run
It says 'Cron entry was run successfully' but when I check the user points, only five or six users are awarded these points.

My current Trophy settings are 'Award 1o points if the member state is Valid'.

I uninstalled a couple Add-ons that I had and it is still not working. Only five users are updated, the rest are not updated. Is there anything I am doing wrong?

Have checked this on my main site and test site. Facing the same issue on both these sites.


XenForo developer
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The cron will only update recently active users. If you want the trophies to be applied instantly to everyone, you need to run the "rebuild trophies" task in rebuild caches.


Great, thank you Mike, did not know that. Used the rebuild trophies and it's working fine now. Just not sure what the 'items to process per page' is. Left that at 100. Hope that's not an issue.