XF 1.4 Change User Title (Trophy Points not being awarded)


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I have the User Title Ladder configured to work with Trophy points (if you have zero points, you are a "New Member").

However, I have some users who are currently online who have been registered since 2005 and their user title is "New Member". This causes some confusion, so I would rather this be something else. To do this, I have created a new trophy which awards three points if a user has been registered for six months (actually, 183 days).

It takes three points on the ladder to have the new title.

Screen Shot 2014-11-02 at 15.56.13.png

I understand the trophy points are only awarded to online (current) users, which is fine, except this does not seem to happen. I understand the trophy points are awarded via a Cron task and would not be instantaneous after creation of the new trophy.

I ran the "Update User Trophies" cron manually and noticed a trophy was awarded to myself, however the aforementioned users (who were online) did not change (no points were awarded, and their user title did not change).

What could be the reason for the points not being awarded, and thus, the user title not progressing to a new user title?

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When the cron task is run, it only awards trophies (points) to (recently) online users?

If this is true, I have just updated the cron to run every minute, and a member registered since 2011 has not advanced to the second user title, however, some users have.
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You can run the rebuild cache task to apply trophies to all users, active or not.

If that doesn't trigger it, I could only guess that the criteria isn't being met for some reason (not sure what specifically).