XF 2.2 User title not updated after change if banner text is set


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We use 15 user groups for our users. Users are assigned to groups based on points achieved and user group promotions. Each group is assigned a user title via "User title override" -> "Use the following user title:", e.g. "Talent (Level 3)" or "Veteran (Level 7)". These groups do not have a banner.

In addition, we have created groups that can be assigned manually, such as "Poster of the month", "Newbie of the month" etc.
"User title override" has been left at "Use the default user title ladder" for these groups and the standard groups "Moderator" and "Administrator", but a banner text has been set. For these users, one of the 15 user groups is displayed under the user name, plus the banner.

About 2 weeks ago I changed the user titles, removed the "(Level x)" part. This is now no longer displayed for the 15 user groups.
For all user groups that also have a banner, the old title still appears. And I have no idea why ?!
It shouldn't really be a template or cache issue. As a test, I have already set "Use the following user title:" and a "." for these groups, which is then immediately displayed everywhere. If I remove it, the old (wrong) title appears again.

Any ideas on what to do?
Any help is appreciated.
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