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Xon submitted a new resource:

Trending Content Tags - A trending sidebar widget using XenForo 1.5's content tagging system

This is a BETA, as it is not yet feature complete.

A trending sidebar widget using XenForo 1.5's content tagging system.
  • Implements caching of the trending stats.
  • Multiple sources of 'activity'.
  • Threshold of activity before displaying.
  • Relatively lightweight.
Todo before this is considered v1.0 worthy:
  • Per source of activity weighting.
  • Reduce contention when updating activity stats (use caching...

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Does this only show the trending tags in the sidebar?

Or it shows the tag cloud & trending tag cloud?


A picture of the add-on would be nice.
Just a trending tags, but it doesn't do the increased sizing as stuff is more active yet.
Xon updated Trending Content Tags with a new update entry:

Adds Trending Tag Cloud Levelling

Adds Trending Tag Cloud Levelling.

Example screenshot:

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Does this only count tags that are viewed/added/replied to in the last X days?

Well it only counts views/added/replied in the last 'x' minutes. But you can kick up the window size to days, or weeks if you like and change how frequently it collects samples.

Configuration options (my addons do tend to be a little crunchy on the options):

Changing the collection options is not retro active, while changing the trending window size is.

Eventually, my goal is to show historical trending activity of a tag. How it collects trending data supports it, there is just no display process.

Currently, all activity is equal. The goal is to add weighting per activity type.
This is just what I was looking for! Does it work with Widget Framework?
It doesn't use the Widget Framework, I haven't tested it with the Widget framework being installed (it may cause the tag cloud not to render)
If you want to setup an admin account with style access I can take a quick look, pm details if so.
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