Lack of interest Translate phrase to multiple languages on the single page

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To translate one phrase to multiple languages, you need to:
  1. Click Appearance > Search phrases
  2. Change language in drop down menu
  3. Find phrase you need to translate
  4. Translate it
  5. Repeat from step 1 for another language
So if you need to translate 10 phrases to 3 languages, you need to do this 30 times. This is so slow and annoying process.

To speed it up we usually open several browser tabs for any of the languages and then manually alter "language_id" parameter. But it still requires opening 30 tabs.

It would be much better to be able to translate phrase to all languages on the single page, i.e. below Master value there would be Phrase text in French, Phrase text in Italian, Phrase text in German, etc. That way would need to open 10 tabs for 10 phrases, which is much better then 30 tabs for 10 phrases as it is now.

I remember vBulletin had this feature.
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