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Hello, I have a website that needs its trailing slashes edited. So currently, my forums section of the website is under example.com/forums. However, my members section of the website is under example.com/forums/members. Is there a way to edit the trailing slash so that the members page is example.com/members, not example.com/forums/members?


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I added a new route filter that finds /forums/members and replaced it with /members/. However, when I tried example.com/members, showed 404 not found error and when I went to the forums to click on the members page itself, it redirected me to example.com/forums/members and displayed an error: The requested forum could not be found.


Here is my route filters setup
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In this case, your XenForo installation is in the forums/ directory, so you can't move anything outside of that. If you want things to be at /members, you would need to move your XenForo installation to the web root directory.