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This thread is for anything and everything no such thing as off topic in here as their technically is no topic. I'm a huge social butterfly and love conversing with people. Almost anything goes (within forum rules of course)



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They're addictive :D

I'm currently in a race with Kier to get to 5,000 Likes before he gets to 5,000 posts ;)
Haaa Yes cant wait for our members try out this feature when we switch over from vBulletin in the next few weeks (just threw in another like for you :sneaky:)


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Thanks :D

I had a quick look at your forum earlier.
I think you could be the biggest forum for a while if you migrate at something like 6 million posts?


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Yes we have a highly active forum. Its quiet right now weekends tend to be that way. I'm hopeful that the new forum software will bring in even more users to our forum. (y)


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Well, since this is an open topic type of social thread and I'm feeling social, I'll post what I've been feeling lately.

I really like the XenForo forum members! I don't ever feel looked down upon if I ask a stupid question or do quirky postings (the "added & liked" statements I use so I can keep track of what add-on I'm using). I'm sure some of you were like WTH is she smoking! :D
I really like it here and hope it always stays like this.


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Hey Bevypoo, welcome to the Off Topic (best part) of this forum :D

''Vodka'' is Russian for ''little water'' - hmmmm aren't we meant to be drinking 8 glasses of water a day???


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Yes Ive been a member since October of 2010 but today is the first day I posted as i was looking for help. Brogan was extremely helpful in answering my question(s) everyone so far seems awesome. I couldn't agree with you more
I don't ever feel looked down upon if I ask a stupid question or do quirky postings


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It is a mixture of Kahlua, milk, vodka and coke it is yummy! (some people substitute Tequila for the vodka) I'm smart enough to stay away from Tequila :whistle:
Unfortunately, I have to stay away from all of it. Allergic to the alcohol...truly unfortunate, wish I wasn't. Milk, well that is a NEW issue. And Coke, I can't drink carbonated drinks at the moment. :(

However, when I could drink alcohol back YEARS ago, I loved Kahlua based drinks.